Henry Lau


May 15 2019

Henry Lau was born in China and immigrated  to Canada in 1984. Henry and his wife Bridget raised their three  children – Samuel, Sarah and Daniel, in Windsor. He graduated from St.  Clair College specializing in Mould Making and Business Management.  After 10 years in the industry, Henry became a partner in a local  Windsor mould shop, Lex Tool Mold Inc, a struggling company that was in  danger of going out of business. As Business Manager, Henry revived the  company in less than a year then started a new business – Standard Tool  & Mold Inc. with only two employees. He grew the company and brought  many jobs to the city while designing, developing and manufacturing  intricate moulds for the automotive industry. Henry sold his shares to  his partner in 2006 and Standard Tool Mold Inc. is still operating in  Windsor today.

Henry has a proven track record of creating jobs in Windsor and will be a strong voice for
the community as MP. Former board member and 2nd Vice President of the  Canadian Association of Moldmakers from 2003- 2005. Mentor at Odette  School of Business, Centre for Enterprise and Law at the University of  Windsor for counseling new businesses, employees or students. Has owned  and successfully run several businesses creating much-needed jobs in  Windsor.



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