Local Advocacy


  The Following are approved Windsor West EDA local advocacy policies and positions for the 2019 federal election campaign: 

1. Increased funding for security at the border, our local police, and the RCMP, due to new legalization of cannabis and the ever-growing border traffic in Windsor.

2. Stronger advocacy for the TIMELY construction of the Gordie Howe International crossing, to reduce international truck traffic on our city streets (getting to the Ambassador Bridge).

3. More CBSA officers at the border for more efficient trade flow, increased security and less traffic.

4. Greater emphasis (possibly through incentives and/or lower taxes) to attract manufacturing jobs to Windsor-Essex, recognizing that we have an excellent skilled trade workforce, and an intrinsic geographical location to distribute product around North America.

5. Legalization of Single Sports Betting. This would be to support Caesars Windsor which employees  about 5000 workers and to to remain competitive as Michigan will soon legalize SSB. With all three casinos in Detroit planning on participating, legalization is imperative. In addition, this will decrease organized crime running illegal sports betting and decrease offshore wagering accounts. The legalization of SSB in Canada will increase tourism in Windsor.

6. Increased local funding for immigration, integration and other social services for newcomers. Windsor has one of the highest rates per capita of new Canadians. To allow this multi-cultural experience to flourish, Windsor requires more funding from Federal Government.

7. Advocacy for more Federal Government establishments such as offices and agencies to create more jobs in the region.