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Windsor West EDA Ready for Candidate Nomination Night


The Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association of Windsor West (CPC EDA of WW) is proud to announce its readiness for a Candidate Nomination Night to be located, at the Holiday Inn Main Floor Conference Room.

CPC EDA of WW is ready to provide application packages for candidate nominees (please contact Khassan Saka, Chair of Our Candidate Nominating Committee at Khassan@WindsorWestCPC.com ), to complete and submit the standard detailed application package to CPC Party Headquarters for review and qualification. Upon HQ approval, qualified nominees would be on the ballot for the Windsor West Nomination Night, for Windsor West CPC members to then vote on. (In preferred ranked ballot format)

NOTE: Membership deadline to be an eligible CPC Windsor West member to vote at Candidate Nomination Night is 21 days prior. Also, April 21st, 2019 is the nominee deadline to become a CPC member, which is the 6 months requirement prior to the October 21st, 2019 election date. EDA of WW has recently approved/recommended the date of May 12th, 2019 at 6pm for our Windsor West Candidate Nomination Night, and has notified HQ of this recommended date for their required confirmation.

CPC EDA of WW believes that the best representation for our riding and region is with Conservative Members of Parliament to be part of the next Andrew Scheer Conservative government, and to have a seat at the governing table to best advocate for our region!

Third Party NDP local representation is NOT effective, and Windsor cannot continue to be left behind!

Windsor West EDA Policy announcement



The Following are approved Windsor West EDA local advocacy  policies/positions for 2019 Candidate/Campaign to advocate for during  2019 federal election campaign: 

1. Greater funding for Windsor for security at the border and to our  local police, and RCMP, since new legalization of cannabis  and considering Windsor is a border town.

2. Stronger advocacy for the TIMELY construction of Gordie Howe  International crossing, and for less international trucks on our city  streets (getting to the Ambassador Bridge) with less trucks waiting at  traffic lights to get to the border.

3. More customs officers at the border for better traffic/trade flow.

4. Greater emphasis (possibly incentives and/or lower taxes) to  attract manufacturing jobs to Windsor-Essex, recognizing that we have  excellent skilled trade workers, and an excellent geographical location  to distribute product around North America.

5. Legalization of Single Sports Betting (Caesars Windsor employees  about 5000 workers), especially since Michigan will legalize soon  (Detroit has 3 casinos). Also, less organized crime running illegal  sports betting and less Offshore wagering accounts,  if SSB becomes legal in Canada, with tourism/events in Windsor.

6. More local funding for immigration and social services and  integration, since Windsor (per capita) has a very high rate of new  Canadians for our City (which we cherish our multi-cultural diversity),  but more funding from Federal Government for such will  be very appreciated/helpful.

7. Advocacy for more Federal government Offices/Agencies/Buildings/Jobs in Windsor.