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sandra pupatello liberal party windsor west - August 15 2019


“We welcome Sandra to the race. Together we can explain to the voters of the Windsor-Essex region the absolute ineffectiveness of having third Party NDP MP representatives, who do not have access or say in the government.

It is imperative that the Windsor Essex region gain access once again. In the next Andrew Scheer Conservative federal government, newly local elected Conservative MPs will deliver local issues directly to the government they form part of and will deliver results for our region!

Vote Henry Lau in Windsor West!

Vote Leo DeMarce in Windsor-Tecumseh

Vote Chris Lewis in Essex!

Our region deserves better than ineffective NDP reps."

CPC Windsor West Nomination decision - June 23 2019


After an extensive review process from a nominee's campaign  appeal, our Windsor West CPC EDA has now received official confirmation  from National CPC HQ that this appeal has been ruled and the nominee  appeal process is officially over.

Our Windsor West CPC EDA will be making a public announcement of such on  Tuesday June 25th at 7pm at the Holiday Inn (1855 Huron Church Rd main floor conference room), with additional detail and to answer questions.

We will also declare and announce our official Windsor West CPC 2019 candidate Henry Lau, whom will speak right afterwards (along with the official CPC  candidates from our neighbouring ridings, Chris Lewis ESSEX and Leo  Demarce WINDSOR-TECUMSEH).

All media and public are welcome to attend. Doors open 6:45pm.

For more information, please contact Al Teshuba, President of Windsor West CPC EDA Riding Association. 519.259.9322,  Al@WindsorWestCPC.com

CPC Windsor West Nomination Night Update - June 9 2019


The CPC EDA WW Nomination Night event on June 9th was very exciting and interactive. Both nominees Rinku Shah and Henry  Lau provided excellent answers to all of the panel’s nine pre-determined  questions, and the several audience  questions to follow. Their opening and closing speeches were dynamic  and filled with applause from the Holiday Inn Conference room.

Members’ voting registration and verification was run by CPC regional  organizer David Dillon, whom put together a team of out-of-riding  neutral volunteers for such. Timelines were followed as advertised and  which were posted on the website in advance. Ballots  were counted 3 times in a separate room, with each nominee’s  scrutineers as witnesses.

NOTE: Al Teshuba, President of the WW EDA, and Khassan Saka, Chair of  the Nominating Committee, were moderators of the panel questions,  declared neutrality and thus did not vote.

At 9:15pm, Al Teshuba had a special board of directors’ meeting, to  add additional board members (including members of both nominees’  campaign team).

Minutes afterwards, David Dillon came into the conference room and  declared that Henry Lau was to be the WW candidate, based on receiving  most of the eligible ballot votes cast. 

Shortly afterwards, Al Teshuba received a text from the Shah campaign  that they were disappointed with the way the Election went, and would  be filing an appeal within 24 hours (which is the right of any nominee  to do so within 24 hours, to review the election  process accordingly).

More information and updates to follow.


CPC Windsor West Nomination Night - June 9 2019


Our  EDA Board of Directors, and Nominating Committee is proud to  announce  our CPC Windsor West Nomination Night on Sunday June 9th, at  the  Holiday Inn (1855 Huron Church RD).

5:30pm - DOORS OPEN (Attendees to begin confirming their membership/voting status)

6:00pm - Welcome and O' Canada

6:15pm - Introduction speeches from nominees (Henry Lau and Rinku Shah)

6:30pm - Debate/Questions from Nominating Committee Moderators

7:00pm - Questions from the audience

7:30pm - Membership voting begins.

by approx. 8:45pm - (after tabulating/verifying the ballot votes, announcement of Windsor West CPC candidate for 2019)

by approx. 9:00pm - Speech from elected WW CPC Candidate

by approx. 9:10pm - MEETING END


Starting 9:15pm CPC EDA of WW, Special Board Meeting to add new board  members. in the same room (electing up to 30 Board of Directors).


We  welcome all Conservative members and supporters to attend this  very  important night on June 9th, as we shape the future of our riding,  in a  democratic, inclusive manner with our very important *membership. 

More information on the candidate slection process can be found here!


Official Nomination Notice for the Electoral District of Windsor West - May 4 2019


Official Nomination Notice for the Electoral District of Windsor West         

I am writing to advise you of the opening of the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination process in the Electoral District of Windsor West.

Nominations close on Saturday, May 4th, 2019.

Anybody who wishes to be a Nomination Contestant must submit their  completed nomination application to Conservative Party Headquarters, 130  Albert Street, Suite 1720, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5G4, by 5 p.m. Eastern  Time on Saturday,  May 4th, 2019.

You are receiving this notification because you are a current member  of the Conservative Party of Canada residing in the Electoral District  of Windsor West.

Anybody who wishes to be eligible to vote at the nomination meeting;  the date, time and location of which will be announced at a later date;  must be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and residing in the  Electoral District of Windsor  West as of Saturday, May 11th, 2019. New memberships must be received by Party Headquarters by  5 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, May 11th, 2019. Memberships can be purchased online until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Saturday,  May 11th, 2019.


Dustin van Vugt
Executive Director
Conservative Party of Canada


Avis officiel de mise en candidature dans la circonscription électorale de

Je vous écris afin de vous informer de l’ouverture du processus de  mise en candidature du Parti conservateur du Canada dans la  circonscription électorale de Windsor-Ouest.

Les mises en candidature se terminent le samedi 4 mai 2019.

Toute personne souhaitant présenter sa candidature doit soumettre sa  demande remplie au Bureau national du Parti conservateur, au 130, rue  Albert, bureau 1720, Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 5G4, au plus tard à 17 h (HE)  le samedi  4 mai 2019.

Vous recevez cet avis parce que vous êtes un membre du Parti  conservateur du Canada résidant dans la circonscription électorale de Windsor-Ouest.

Toute personne souhaitant avoir un droit de vote à l’assemblée de  mise en candidature (la date, l’heure et le lieu seront annoncés à une  date ultérieure) doit être un membre du Parti conservateur du Canada et  résider dans la circonscription électorale de Windsor-Ouest en  date du samedi 11 mai 2019.  Les nouvelles adhésions doivent être reçues au Bureau national du Parti au plus tard à 17 h (HE) le samedi 11 mai  2019. On peut adhérer en ligne jusqu’à 23 h 59 (HE) le samedi 11 mai 2019.

Sincères salutations,

Dustin van Vugt
Directeur exécutif
Parti conservateur du Canada


Windsor-Essex Youth Social - April 28, 2019


On April 28, 2019, the Youth Advocacy committees are inviting all youth  interested to the Windsor-Essex Youth Social and networking event  sponsored by the CPC Electoral District Association for Windsor West in  conjunction with the Ontario PC Electoral District Association for  Windsor West. The event will be hosted at the Udine Hall at the Fogolar  Furlan Club of Windsor at 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Tickets are only $20 for  youth under the age of 30 and $30 for all other guests. The event  includes a meal, an opportunity to network and presentations from  various community leaders such as the CPC candidate for Essex, Chris  Lewis and Minister of Provincial Parliament, Steve Lecce. 

This event will mark the beginning of the EDAs joint effort to reach  out to all youth in the community and to inspire them to engage in the  democratic process. Furthermore, the youth advocacy committees are  committed to facilitating discussion on the betterment of the region,  the province, the country and ultimately the globe. For this reason, the  youth advocacy committees seek to better understand the challenges  which face the community’s youth. In doing so, the youth advocacy  committees will be best prepared to advise candidates, as well as  visiting ministers of the Provincial and Future Federal governments.  Conclusively, the Youth Advocacy committees seek to do all in their  power to aid the youth in the community through its actions as a liaison  to both the CPC the Ontario PC and more broadly, the democratic process  of our nation.

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th!


Windsor West EDA Ready for Candidate Nomination Night


Windsor, Ontario — The Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association of Windsor West (CPC EDA of WW) is proud to announce it has recently approved a date for a Candidate Nomination Night. On Sunday, May 12, 2019, at 6 pm, the event will be held at the Holiday Inn on the Main Floor in the Conference Room.

CPC EDA of WW’s Board of Directors, lead by President Al Teshuba (al@WindsorWestCPC.com/+1 (519) 259-9322), and Candidate Nomination Committee Chair Khassan Saka, (khassan@WindsorWestCPC.com), will be hosting a press conference. This will be hosted on Friday, February 22nd, at 4:30 pm at the Holiday Inn on the Main Floor in the Conference Room (1855 Huron Church Road). This is to speak to the public and local media about this process, the recently adopted local advocacy positions, and much more information. Furthermore, a question and answer period will be hosted.

The CPC EDA of WW is now open to accepting applications for potential candidates to complete and submit the to Party HQ review and qualification. Upon approval, qualified nominees will be on the ballot for the Nomination night on May 12th, for Windsor West CPC members to then vote.

CPC EDA of WW has recently approved its local advocacy policies for the campaign (posted on www.windsorwestcpc.com/eda-news). Furthermore, the CPC EDA of WW has approved that ballot voting shall be done based on ranked preference to determine the elected candidate.

The membership deadline to be eligible to vote as a member of the CPC EDA of WW will be the 21st of April, 2019. This is in order to ensure eligibility in the vote, which states the member is required to register a minimum of 21 days prior. Inclusively, the 21st of April is the nominee deadline to become a CPC member. This is in order to ensure eligibility in the election, which states the member is required to register a minimum of 6 months prior to the October 21, 2019, election date.

CPC EDA of WW believes that the best representation for our riding and region is with a Conservative Member of Parliament. An MP who will be part of the next Andrew Scheer Conservative government, and to have a seat at the governing table to best advocate for our region!

Third Party NDP local representation has proven to be ineffective, and Windsor cannot continue to be left behind!

Join us tomorrow -Friday, February 22nd, at 4:30 pm at the Holiday Inn -Main Floor Conference Room, for Public/Press Conference and Q&A.


Windsor West EDA Policy announcement


  The Following are approved Windsor West EDA local advocacy policies and positions for the 2019 federal election campaign: 

1. Increased funding for security at the border, our local police, and the RCMP, due to new legalization of cannabis and the ever-growing border traffic in Windsor.

2. Stronger advocacy for the TIMELY construction of the Gordie Howe International crossing, to reduce international truck traffic on our city streets (getting to the Ambassador Bridge).

3. More CBSA officers at the border for more efficient trade flow, increased security and less traffic.

4. Greater emphasis (possibly through incentives and/or lower taxes) to attract manufacturing jobs to Windsor-Essex, recognizing that we have an excellent skilled trade workforce, and an intrinsic geographical location to distribute product around North America.

5. Legalization of Single Sports Betting. This would be to support Caesars Windsor which employees  about 5000 workers and to to remain competitive as Michigan will soon legalize SSB. With all three casinos in Detroit planning on participating, legalization is imperative. In addition, this will decrease organized crime running illegal sports betting and decrease offshore wagering accounts. The legalization of SSB in Canada will increase tourism in Windsor.

6. Increased local funding for immigration, integration and other social services for newcomers. Windsor has one of the highest rates per capita of new Canadians. To allow this multi-cultural experience to flourish, Windsor requires more funding from Federal Government.

7. Advocacy for more Federal Government establishments such as offices and agencies to create more jobs in the region.