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Windsor West Conservatives

What Windsor West Needs!


We need a Conservative Member of Parliament for Windsor West, to represent our local interests in Ottawa.  Our local electoral support  has been steadily growing on average since 2004. In the 2011 election we had a peak support of 31.5%. Now, more than ever, Windsorites  are realizing the importance of stepping forward and voting CPC and having a Windsor West  Conservative MP, in Canada’s next strong conservative government. This would be best for Windsor, as it would mean direct representation in our federal government and at the decision-making table.

As always we welcome new members and supporters and we invite everyone to be part of the Conservative Party of Canada.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to  contact us.

Whom We Represent.


We represent the members and interests of the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Windsor-West. Our board of directors are elected by our party members to manage the affairs of the party locally between election campaigns. Our goal is to expand local Conservative Party membership support and outreach to the general community. We advocate for the Conservative Party policies in our riding, while acting as a liaison for Windsor, bringing to the table the important issues facing Windsorites to other Conservative Party representatives outside of our region.

Promoting and advancing our Windsor region.


Our EDA prides itself on hosting many CPC government leaders, ministers, and representatives. This way, leaders have an opportunity to take into account the issues that impact our region when making National policies. It was the Stephen Harper Conservative Government that lead the way in making the Gordie Howe International Crossing deal as "Canada’s #1  economic Infrastructure Project”. It is our continued enthusiasm, hard-work, outreach, good policies, and determination, which will lead to the election of our first Conservative MP in the next Federal election. The primary responsibility of our EDA is to ensure that we are ready!

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