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Windsor West Conservatives

Who We Are.


We are proud that our message is getting out to residents of Windsor-West. We have seen our electoral support steadily increase in the past four elections, including 31.5% support in the 2011 election.     Having a Windsor-West Conservative Party MP, in Canada’s strong, stable, national, majority Conservative government, would be great for Windsor, with direct representation to our federal government.    
As always we welcome new members and supporters and we invite everyone to learn more about us.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Represent


  We  represent the members and interests of Conservative Party of Canada in  the riding of Windsor-West. Our board of directors are elected by our  members to manage the affairs of the party locally between election  campaigns.   Our goals are to expand local Conservative Party membership, support, and outreach  to the general community. We advocate for the Conservative Party  policies in our riding, while advocating for the important issues facing  Windsorites to other Conservative Party representatives outside of our  region.

What Makes Us Proud.


Our EDA prides itself for hosting CPC government leaders, ministers, and representatives so we can give them the first hand knowledge they will need to better represent Windsorites. It is our continued enthusiasm, hard work, outreach, good policies, and determination, which will lead to the election of our first Conservative MP in the next Federal election. The primary responsibility of our EDA is to ensure that we are ready!

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